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#1 Rated Bail Bond Software for Bail Agencies in the Nation!

 eBail’s professional bail bond software gives you a genuine edge. We provide everything needed to run your bail agency like clockwork! Guaranteed to be the best or your money back!

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Remarkably Fast And Easy-To-Use!

eBail is rock-solid and foolproof, so if you are looking for reliable software for you and your team you’ve found it!

Writing Bonds is as easy as 1 2 3

One click contracts to agents and indemnitor

Never miss a forfeiture with active monitoring

Automate team tasking and accountability logs

Arrest monitoring, e-signatures, SMS payments...

Save Time, Costs, and Drive Accountability

Let eBail take on some of the headaches, so you can sleep better at night, knowing you are not missing something. 

Increased Efficiency
Run your agency like clockwork with automatic agent logging, real-time contract status monitoring, court monitoring, forfeiture monitoring, and arrest alerts.
Jaw-Dropping Speed
Enter bail bonds, set up payment plans, schedule check-ins, and have the contracts sent to agents and indemnitors hands in under 3 minutes.
Reduced Workload
eBail's bail bond software was built to decrease the workload on owners and staff. Removing the day to day agony, while lowering overhead, and giving you an edge on the competition.

We have a limited amount of capacity every week, so make sure to grab your FREE demo! 

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100% Completely Done-For-You Autocompletion

That’s right! Once you have received the information from your new client, eBail writes the bond to the contract automatically!

What We Do

We build professional bail agency software that is remarkably powerful. We provide everything needed to run your bail agency like clockwork. eBail is hands down the best defendant management solution. Take a quick demo and see why.

Simplified Reporting
Require agents to upload paperwork on eBail's mobile agent app to easily prepare execution reports with documents in seconds.
Remote Bonding In 3 Minutes
Save time, and put together bonds from anywhere. Set up automated payments, defendant check-ins, and watch the contract flow in real-time.
End-to-End Document Management
Track all signed documents, make documents required to upload, and put them in eBail from mobile or desktop.
End To End Agent Tasking
When agents are required to upload documents, eBail will automatically let them know the task needs completed and let you know it's been finished.
Industry Compliance
eBail is based on operations. We help supply you with the ability to quickly provide auditors with reports and documents on the fly.
Complete, Centralized Logs
Clearly see who took payments, which agents are working, and which agents might need help with their bail process.

Our Best Bail Bonds Software GUARANTEE

We will refund 100% of your subscription if you do not find eBail to be the best bail bonds software EVER CREATED! Try out our iron-clad guarantee by signing up for a demo.

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Offices

Unlimited Defendants

Unlimited Bonds

Automated Payments

Fast Email Support

Free Mobile Defendant App

Automated Text Check-ins

Automated Court Reminders

Discounted Arrest Monitoring

Payment Plan Integration

Fully Integrated e-Sign

End To End Document Management

Unlimited Agents

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Offices

Unlimited Defendants

Unlimited Bonds

Fast Email Support

Free Mobile Defendant App

Automated Text Check-ins

Automated Court Reminders

Discounted Arrest Monitoring

Payment Plan Integration

Fully Integrated e-Sign

End To End Document Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does eBail cost?

eBail’s monthly subscription starts at $99/mo

Do you have mobile defendant check-ins?

Absolutely! We also have court monitoring, arrest monitoring, and much more. Just register for a demo and we can show you how they work seamlessly with our defendant management solution.  

What if I have multiple offices?

eBail is a robust solution built to handle a wide range of scenarios.

Do I have to pay for more user logins?

Up to 5 logins are included in our lowest plan. If you require additional logins, we invite you to explore our Pro and General Managing Agency plans. We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your agency’s specific requirements. Our team will gladly assist you in selecting the most cost-effective plan for your needs.

By leveraging eBail’s cutting-edge technology and bail industry expertise, your agency can establish or maintain itself as a leader in your market.


I’ve used a few different bail bond software companies and ebail is by far the most user friendly and comprehensive for my office needs. I absolutely love being able to send paperwork and take payments from my mobile phone. 

Adrianne Talley

I still remember the days when I would meet a client at the jail; reach into my bag fumbling with my carbon copy paperwork, Then spending the next 20 minutes looking under my car seat for a pen. Since using eBail for the last 3.5 years those days of looking unprofessional are gone. Now I can qualify a client and have paperwork sent directly to them within minutes. Not only from the convenience of a laptop but from my phone. Do you take out of state cosigners? This makes getting paperwork to them seamless...

Joseph Martinez

This has been the easiest software I have ever used I love how everything is in one place and they continue making new features to make our lives easier with one simple app along with all the training videos to make sure you are aware of how to get everything to run smoothly. You can literally have everything in one place and have multiple agents working and know exactly where the last person left off. Thank you for making our lives simpler

Mysti Lopez

I have been in bail bonds since 1988 so approximately 36 years at this time. I tend to be pretty good with technology I previously would handwrite contracts on carbon copies scan them and upload them to a signature program like Adobe sign and this program has really saved me time and streamlined my process.

Mark Spensieri

The software has made managing our business not only easier but better. The Payment and Court reminder feature to our clients makes keeping clients on track easy. ESign-ing of docs and applications makes it super convenient for our clients to do business with us without leave work or their home. This is the Best client management software available today

Anthony Armstrong

Using Ebail is the BEST! It has made managing the office so much easier. It allows me to monitor payments, forfeitures, collateral, check ins, arrest alerts and so much more from just the software. No more carrying around files or digging in cabinets for a file. Ebail is very very helpful and user friendly when it comes to sending out paperwork especially when you have multiple cosigners or multiple bonds. All documents are done electronically and is very convenient for the cosigner.


In my 15+ years in the bail industry I have had the opportunity to use 4 different bail management systems. I recently made the switch to eBail and having used it for 4 months now I can confidently recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone that is considering making a change. It is reliable and very user friendly not only for the bail agent but just as importantly to our clients. The system is very robust so it allows you to manage all aspects of the business in a very efficient manner. The customer support from Nick and Dee and Steve is second to none. I could not be any happier with my decision.

Fabian Sepulveda

I’ve been using eBail for about 2 years or so and it’s easily the best bail software I’ve ever touched. I’ve been in the industry since 2015 and have used 3-4 other software systems and nothing comes close to this. Streamlined EVERYTHING you can imagine and constantly updating for new features and functionality. Amazing customer service and I couldn’t be happier to be using the software.

Mike Vaughn

I was tasked with finding a different bail bond system than what was being used for the most part in my city. I did a lot of research on other systems out there and I loved what eBail has to offer. I like the idea of being able to have software tailored to what we do. Unlike other software out there, if I need a change made, I can submit a ticket and usually have it fixed within the day.

Damon Harrell

EBail is great! Everything I need in this one great software! I can track defendants, keep track of court dates, and so many other features. They are always updating and have helpful videos! Love it!


Helps my business run smoothly and very efficiently!

Victoria Mendiola

As the owner of Bad Boy Bail Bonds, I have experienced first-hand the transformative power of eBail - Bail Bond Software. The cornerstone of its excellence lies not only in its robust, feature-rich platform but also in the unparalleled customer service that accompanies it.

John Looney (Bad Boy Bail Bonds)

Have been using this software for a few years now at our bailbond business, we’ve loved using it after updating from an older bond data system. Being able to notify our clients via email and text about court dates is great, as is the checkin process. All in all we are a much more efficient company now with this software.

Cole Ruster

I did trial runs with every bail bonding software that was on the market three years ago. EBail was the one I came back to for several reasons, two of those reasons were because everything (I mean everything) can be managed through EBail, the second reason is because you will not find any other company three years ago or today that will provide you with the level of customer service that you will find with this company.

Our Team at Cagle

Wonderful service from everyone at Ebail. They are always upgrading their system to meet the needs of the bondsman. When you have a problem they are there to help you find a solution. The system works and saves time in my bail bond office. Ebail is the only software your office will ever need.

Joshua Dixon

This is the best program out there. It meets all the needs of Bondsman and then some. Tracking all paperwork, powers, contracts, and even your defendants Into one simple system. Highly recommend worth every cent.

Luke Medlin

At Last, The Bail Bond Software You Deserve

Backed By Our Iron-Clad Best Bail Bond Software Guarantee.

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