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The Latest in Bail Bond Technology!

eBail is for bail agencies who just want something simple that works. Guaranteed to be the best!

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Get ALL the apps and software your agency needs in ONE SIMPLE APP. Get the best bail bond technologies available today in one dashboard. Cancel your multiple software subscriptions and use one complete solution to simplify your agency’s processes.


Get a competitive boost when using eBail software.


eBail automates a lot of your day-to-day tasks, helping your agency be more efficient.


eBail was built to be a dependable tool in your arsenal.


In depth defendant information, log ins, and easy to see agency overviews.

Our Mission

The Latest Bail Bond Technologies for Your Agency

Your agency needs software and apps to run efficiently and stay on top of tasks, invoices, and defendants through the entire life-cycle of a bond. Multiple subscriptions are required, from e-signature verification, a bail app, billing software, payment processing, and more. It can get overwhelming to keep track of the software you use to simplify your processes and ensuring they all work together.

Check-ins around the clock
We make it easy to request defendant text, phone, and email check-ins.
Lower Forfeiture Risk
By automating your check-in requests you will be alerted faster when something is not quite right.
Bondsmen Approved
eBail has been helping bondsmen behind the scenes for years now.
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Everything You Need

Staying on top of each of your tasks as a bail agent is difficult, but mandatory. Missed court dates, forfeitures, issues with your payment processing system, e-signatures that don’t automatically save to your bond, not getting targeted reports, and overall, a software that doesn’t work for you is holding you back. As a bail agent in the modern world, you need tools that make your life easier – tools to remind you of court dates, write bonds, get access to the “Do Not Bond” list, monitor arrest records, fill out forms easily, get reports so you know where you stand, process payments, automatically save esignatures, and more. EBAIL does it all, so you don’t have to keep track of everything on your own. Use our complete set of tools to save time and allow you to focus on growing your business – not dealing with daily tasks.

All In One

Everything You Need - In One Dashboard

Now IMAGINE saying goodbye to all your logins and subscriptions, and your struggles with integrating them all. EBAIL is an END to END bail management system that handles it all.

Cancel ALL the subscriptions, pay WAY less, and streamline your bail management with EBAIL. We are much more than just a bail bond check-in app – we allow you to focus on growing your business.