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Get ALL the apps and software your agency needs in ONE SIMPLE APP. Get the best bail bond technologies available today in one dashboard. Cancel your multiple software subscriptions and use one complete solution to simplify your agency's processes.

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Tired of Juggling Multiple Software Subscriptions?


Bail Software

Payment Processor

Bail App

Accounting Software

And More

Your agency needs software and apps to run efficiently and stay on top of tasks, invoices, and defendants through the entire life-cycle of a bond. Multiple subscriptions are required, from esignature verification, a bail app, accounting software, a payment process, and more. It can get overwhelming keeping track of the software you use to simplify your processes and ensuring they all work together.

Now IMAGINE: bail bond technologies that handle it all - from beginning to end. Say goodbye to all the different subscriptions and issues with integration and simplify your processes and management because it's all in ONE DASHBOARD.

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Cancel ALL of them, pay WAY less and implement a bail management solution that actually works for you. With EBAIL, all the software you need is in one place, giving you time to focus on managing and growing your business.

Court Date

Bond Tracking
& Writing

"Do Not Bond"
List Sharing

Record Monitoring

Assistance with
Filling Out Forms

Forfeitures Analysis & Accounts Receivable

Better, More
Targeted Reporting



eSignature Verification

Staying on top of each of your tasks as a bail agent is difficult, but mandatory. Missed court dates, forfeitures, issues with your payment processing system, eSignatures that don’t automatically save to your bond, not getting targeted reports, and overall, a software that doesn’t work for you is holding you back. As a bail agent in the modern world, you need tools that make your life easier – tools to remind you of court dates, write bonds, get access to the “Do Not Bond” list, monitor arrest records, fill out forms easilty, get reports so you know where you stand, process payments, automatically save esignatures, and more. EBAIL does it all, so you don’t have to keep track of everything on your own. Use a complete tools to save time and allow you to focus on growing your business – not dealing with daily tasks.

See it All in One Dashboard

Dashboared of the best bail bond technologies from EBAIL™

Here is everything we handle so you don't have to:

As an agency owner, you have many tasks on your plate: From managing your employees, making marketing and advertising decisions, handling accounting, to day-to-day operations, you need all the time you can get. Don't waste time dealing with software subscriptions that don't work with each other. Use a bail management solution that work for you - EBAIL handles it all in one interface.

Create bonds

Create Bonds

While you’re on the phone, easily add prospects. Once you’re done, turn them into full clients in a few easy steps.

Manage powers

Manage Powers

See what powers are assigned to which bonds and easily manage inventory and assign and track powers.

Send contracts with esignatures

Send Contracts

Send contracts with built-in esignature verification that automatically saves and attaches to the bond.

Track and collect payments

Track & Collect Payment

Our bail payment processing  fees are the lowest in the country. Save thousands on bank and fees with us!

Ensure compliance

Ensure Compliance

Easily send automated reminders via phone, email, or text. Set notifications for FTA or no check-ins for less forfeitures.

Track defendants

Track Defendants

Keep track of defendants using multiple methods (GPS tracking grids, Geofencing, and facial recognition) with layers of security.

Manage finances

Manage Finances

Manage your finances, and track receipts, invoices, payment plan status, open liability, and petty cash in one dashboard.

Grow your agency

Grow, Grow, Grow

Don’t pay for growth. With EBAIL you don’t pay more and you get unlimited locations, defendants, agents, staff, and more.

We're Not a software - we're a solution

EBAIL is not a bail software. We are a complete solution to your bail agency management needs. Everything you need to operate is found in our dashboard. This includes esignature verification, payment processing, app development, accounting systems, reporting, financial management, and more. We are the single place where you can monitor and run your agency’s day-to-day and future tasks with ease.

Our Bail Bond Technologies Serve You

Manage Clients

Add indemnitors and defendants easily, and with a few clicks manage their payments, court dates and more!

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Reports & Insights

Filter and create customized reports of all your agency’s important information, such as statistics and financial reports.

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Bail bond technologies to grow your agency

Track Payment Information

Don’t miss a payment ever again: Keep track easily of payment information on the indemnitor and defendant level, and view outstanding or missed payments.

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Business Management

Organize the tasks of your agents and office staff easily, and keep them on the same page with power management tools and document archives.

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who We Are

EBAIL was founded with the dream of providing a solution to a common problem bail agencies face: The inability to find a tool that allows them to effectively manage the day-to-day of their business, allowing them to focus on great customer service and growth. After a decade of working in the marketing sector with top bail agencies across the nation, we designed a bail app solution to solve this problem and provide a management tool in one interface for agencies. Each step of the process was done working with bail agencies so they are sure to provide the most effective tools.

We are dedicated to providing the best technology to agencies, but also to supporting their industry itself. We believe it is an important service to order of law and public service. We strive to ensure that agencies are able to utilize tools that allow them to provide the best customer service and care to people in the difficult hours after an arrest.

Implement EBAIL and Grow Your Agency

Put your frustration at managing multiple software subscriptions to an end. Switch to ONE bail management solution and focus on growing your business and providing excellent customer service.

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