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EBAIL is the only bail management software that provides end-to-end automated bail management. Issue and complete a bond with as few steps as possible and without paying fess to several providers. We make the management process simple so you have less to do.

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Everything You Need
to Run your Bail Agency

In One Simple Dashboard

EBAIL is the only end-to-end bail management software. What do we mean by that? We mean that you don't have to have multiple subscriptions (such as an esignature and payment processor). This means you can issue and complete a bond with as few steps as possible and without paying fees to several providers.

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EBAIL is Uniquely Designed to
Make Your Agency More Efficient

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Fully Automated

From when you first enter a prospect into the system while on the phone, all the way to collecting the final payment on the payment plan, our system is fully automated. Other solutions require manual updating and time-consuming data entry where office managers or agents must input information or payment details in from digital applications. EBAIL does this for you.

Fully Integrated Payment Processing & ESignatures

We’re the first to tie in eSignatures and payment processing automatically. Other bail management solutions require you to have your own eSignature account with a provider and your own merchant account with a payment processor. EBAIL does this for you, so you can issue and complete a bond with as few steps as possible and without paying fees to several providers. This saves you valuable time and resources.

Real-Time Payment Reporting

Because payments are processed within our environment, we are the only solution that provides real time payment reporting and reconciliation. Once you create a payment or plan, our system will automatically invoice or bill the customer’s card, update the plan, and reconcile the payment status of the bond. This is all done automatically: no more manually keying in cards according to a schedule, and no more updating bonds in the software once payment has been processed or received.

Get 3 Free Apps: For Defendants, Agents & Your Agency

We’re the first bail management system to give away three separate apps, one for your agency, one for your agents, and one for defendants. This allows bail agencies, their staff, and their customers to have a seamless experience across all platforms while only seeing information and actions relevant to their needs.

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Unlimited Users

Starts with 2

Unlimited Offices


Unlimited Agents



Unlimited Defendants

Unlimited Bonds



24/7 Chat Support

100% Mobile Friendly

Payment Integration

PayPal Only

Need Separate Merchant Account

Payment Processor

Processing Discount

FREE Defendant App

$299 Set-Up + $79/mo

FREE Agent App

End-to-End Document Integration

Automated Contracts

100% Integrated Esignatures

Real Time Payment Status

Automated Phone Check-Ins

was $30/mo

Automated Text Check-Ins

$5/mo + 5 cents a txt

Automated Payments

Works on iPhone/Android & Web

We're Not a software - we're a solution

EBAIL is unlike any bail management software you can find on the market today. It was designed to be an end-to-end management system that allows agencies to be more efficient with their time, and manage every aspect of their bail agency in one place. From the moment you input a prospect, to when you collect the final payment, you don’t have to use any other providers, or pay multiple fees.

See What You Can Mange in One Dashboard:

We are the only bail management solution to have everything you need to run your agency in one dashboard. No longer do you have to have separate subscriptions and fees for eSignature and payment processing. They are fully integrated, so you can see financial reporting, and deal with less data entry.

Easily create bonds with our bail bonds app

Create Bonds

Add prospects easily while on the phone. Turning them into clients later is easy – it only takes a few clicks.

Manage powers in our bail bond app

Manage Powers

Mange powers easily in our dashboard. Assign and track, and see the powers assigned to each bond.

Send contracts with esignatures with our bail app

Send Contracts

eSignature verification is built in, and they automatically save attach to the bond after you send them to clients.

Track and collect payments

Track & Collect Payment

Payment processing is built-in, so you save thousands on fees. And, we have the lowest fees in the country.

Ensure compliance

Ensure Compliance

Get instant FTA or no check-in notifications, and ensure compliance with automated text, phone, or email reminders.

Track defendants

Track Defendants

Keep track of defendants with multiple layers of security, including facial recognition, Geofencing, GPS tracking grids, and more.

Manage finances

Manage Finances

Because payment processing is built-in, you can track every aspect of your finances in one dashboard and even run real-time reports.

Grow your agency

Grow, Grow, Grow

Don’t pay for growth! You can mange unlimited everything (lcoations, agents, staff, defendants, and more) without your price going up.

who We Are

We founded EBAIL as a solution for bail agencies to effectively manage their businesses, while allowing them time to grow their agencies. After a decade of working with agencies in the marketing sector across the U.S., we found that there were no bail management solutions to handle every aspect an agency needs to handle on an every day basis. No tools, apps, or software is available allowing them to manage everything – for the entire life-cycle of a bond – in one dashboard. By working hand-in-hand with top agencies, we have worked together to create a management tool that handles the daily business management of their agencies efficiently,  allowing them to focus on providing better customer service and growing their bottom line.

We are dedicated to the bail industry itself, as well as the agencies working within it. We believe bail bonds are a vital service, both to public safety and order of law. We work hard to create a solution that allows agencies a bail management solution that gives them the time and focus to provide the best customer service to people during the difficult time immediately after an arrest.

See How Our App Works:

Manage Clients

Easily add in new defendants and indemnitors. Manage their court dates, payments, and more with just a few clicks.

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Reports & Insights

Pull customized reports for everything related to your agency – including statistics, financial reports, and other important business information.

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See the bail bonds app in action

Track Payment Information

Because payment processing is built-in to our solution, you can get real-time tracking and reports for payment information (including missed or outstanding payments) on an indemnitor and defendant level.

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Business Management

Stay on top of tasks, and keep your entire staff – from office staff to your agents – one one page with our power management tools and document archives.

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Get an End-to-End Bail Management Solution

EBAIL is a complete solution to the management needs of your bail agency. Use one system to manage every aspect of your business - from adding a prospect to collecting the final payment.

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