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Looking for a bail bond check in app for your agency? Imagine a solution that combines ALL the apps your agency needs combined into ONE SIMPLE app. Gone are the days of multiple software subscriptions and countless logins. You can now use one app for bail bonds check in and everything else your agency needs.

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Sick of managing all the software you need?


Bail Software

Payment Processor

Bail Bond Check In

Accounting Software

And More

Managing the entire life-cycle of a bond and all the moving parts of your business requires multiple software subscriptions and logins. This includes esignature verification, a payment processor, bail software, a bail bonds check in app, accounting software, and more. It's a full-time job managing them all.

Now IMAGINE saying goodbye to all your logins and subscriptions, and your struggles with integrating them all. EBAIL is an END to END bail management system that handles it all.

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Cancel ALL the subscriptions, pay WAY less, and streamline your bail management with EBAIL. We are much more than just a bail bond check in app - we allow you to focus on growing your business.

Everything You Need - in One Dashboard

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Here's everything EBAIL can do - so you don't have to manage it all:

You have enough on your plate as a business owner: Managing your employees, marketing, advertising, day-to-day operations, accounting, and more. You need your software to work for you - and juggling it all takes time away from your business growth. Finally, there's a solution. We do it all - in one place.

Easily create bonds with our bail bonds app

Create Bonds

While on the phone, easily add prospects and turn them into full clients with a few simple steps.

Manage powers in our bail bond app

Manage Powers

See what powers are assigned to which bonds, assign and track powers, and manage inventory.

Send contracts with esignatures with our bail app

Send Contracts

Send contracts with built-in esignature verification that automatically saves and attaches to the bond.

Track and collect payments

Track & Collect Payment

Our bail payment processing is the lowest in the nation. Save thousands of fees working with us!

Ensure compliance

Ensure Compliance

Get instant no check-in and FTA notifications and send automated reminders via text, phone, or email for less forfeitures.

Track defendants

Track Defendants

Use Geofencing, facial recognition, and GPS tracking grids to keep track of defendants.

Manage finances

Manage Finances

Track all your finances, including open liability, invoices, receipts, payment plans, petty cash, and account in one dashboard.

Grow your agency

Grow, Grow, Grow

Don't pay for growth - manage unlimited everything (locations, agents, staff, defendants and more) without your price going up.

We're Not just a bail check in software - we're a solution

EBAIL isn’t’t a bail software. We’re not just a bail bonds check in app. We do it all: We fix your problem by allowing you to do everything you need to operate an agency – from payment processing, app development, esignature verification, bail management, accounting systems, bail bond check in, and more – in one dashboard. We are the single place where you can monitor and operate every single aspect of your business.

See How our App Works

Bail Check In Solution

It just takes a few simple clicks to add indemnitors, defendants, and manage their unique court dates, payments, and more.

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Reports & Insights

Easily create customize-able and filterable reports of all your agency’s business information, including financial reports and statistics.

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See the bail bonds check in app in action

Track Payment Information

Monitor payment information for defendants and indemnitors, and easily view missed or outstanding payments.

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Business Management

Manage your entire staff with ease and stay on top of tasks with our power management system and document archives.

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who We Are

EBAIL was founded with the dream of providing a management solution to bail agencies that allows them to effectively manage their team and clients, while allowing them to focus on growth and better customer service. Business management tools and software for agencies are severely lacking. After a decade of working with leading bail agencies across the nation in the marketing sector, we worked to create an app solution that solves this problem. We worked in tandem with these agencies to develop a software solution that handles every management need of agencies, from bail bond check in apps to accounting solutions.

EBAIL is dedicated to the bail industry, as well as the agents working within it. We believe the bail industry is an important part of public safety and order of law, and strive to help bondsmen provide the best customer service to people in the difficult hours after an arrest.

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Choose a bail management app that provides ALL your agency needs to thrive instead of juggling multiple software subscriptions. Choose a solution that allows you to grow your business because of the time you save.

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