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bail bond agency technology
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Alec Spensieri

Bail Agency Owner

"It's doubled my business, if not tripled my business because of how efficient we are. Less time running bonds and working with clients, more time answering the phones and generating new leads... Switch. Do it now, because if your competitors do it they're going to be at an advantage over you."


BAil agency owner

The eBail mobile app is super convenient for the agent always on the go! I love being able to take payment and send paperwork right from my phone. It is easy to navigate, convenient to have, customer service is just a support or phone call away and it is absolutely the prefect addition to running your agency and daily bail agent tasks! 

Dorena Murray

Bail Agency Owner

"When I started using eBail I was using excel to keep up with my people and everything and that was very tedious, inaccurate, and it didn't transfer well. There are a lot of great features in eBail, my favorite is payment collection. I do payment plans. If there's a payment that is either missing or late I can click a button and it will send them a text an email or both."

Ron Worley

BAil agency owner

"When the office closes down, I’m - writing more bonds after 10 pm because I don’t have to meet somebody to get the job done. It’s a lot less time, about half the time at the jail and driving and the whole process."

Bill Low | Bail Agency Owner

"The way everybody's going to be doing it"

"The way eBail does things is the way that everybody is going to be doing it. The question is whether you want to do it sooner or later. It is the right way to run your business and it does allow you to run your business wherever you are."

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